Empowering Charter Schools and Authorizers

Charter Application

Easy-to-use tool intended for charter school applicants to create compelling applications submitted electronically to their respective authorizer.

Application Evaluation

Allows authorizers to accept charter applications electronically and effectively collaborate to review and evaluate the quality of submitted applications.

Compliance Management

Streamlines the process of ensuring operating schools are adhering to charter statutes in a sustainable manner in order to provide high-quality educational choices to their communities.

Timely Reporting

Charter schools use this tool to effectively remain in compliance with all required benchmarks and quickly react and remedy any operational deficiencies.

Personnel Tracking

Easily access and manage relevant information pertaining to charter school personnel and board members as well as authorizer staff members.

Academic Programs

Authorizers can review and assess the quality of academic programs that are being offered by the charter school. Charter school can review the report and provide an action plan to address any concerns.

State Data

Access integrated state provided data on annual school performance.

Performance Analytics

Design intelligent school peformance assessment on a group of related quantative measures. As data is fed into the model, the system will automatically generate assessment ratings for each monitored measure.


Solicit and analyze meaningful feedback from parents, teachers and adminisrators.